We’re well supported by an efficient & professionally dedicated Marketing & Sales Team, Technical Support and R&D Team, which work after the requirement of prospective clients and accordingly make available products in an effective manner.

Our wide distribution network and logistics support provides us the leeway in catering to the demand of our esteemed clients in a benefitting manner.

MOKA GROUP, through its innovative & continuous R&D thrives to add further more products into its basket of products with continuous interaction with its domestic and international clients which has always proven to be our key to success

Mohit MaheshwariFounder & Managing Director

Mr. Mohit Maheshwari is the founder and managing director of MOKA Business Private Limited, based out of Jaipur, Rajasthan. He founded the highly successful 500 Crore group of company MOKA in 2011, with the motive of serving the bulk chemical industry, bringing expertise in various sectors of the economy. With his vast experience and knowledge, he opened various offices all across India as well as in USA.

He is graduated from Rajasthan University, Jaipur, India. Further he is an Executive MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. He started his first start-up as an export business and, within a short span of time, indulged into PU distribution of finished products (foam and mattresses) achieving uppermost success in this business model till date. Then with his immense skills he converted it into MOKA Business Pvt. Ltd. to grow the ongoing group.

With his vast experience and knowledge, he helped the company fly to greater heights and played a very persuasive role in providing supervision as well as leadership to MOKA.

He has a very influential persona that boosts the self-esteem of individuals around him, bringing an optimistic change in their lives. He has established a treasured relationship with customers as well as suppliers, resulting in a long-standing collaboration.

Ms. Sarika is the director of MOKA Business Pvt. Ltd, based out of Jaipur. She is graduated and an MBA from Symbiosis, Pune.

She looks after the whole administration as well as HR section of MOKA. She is directing & managing MOKA at a very core level, acting as catalyst in progress of business.

Her pleasant persona helped MOKA to achieve greater altitudes in each and every aspect.

She is the main reason behind all CSR activities carried out by MOKA. Responsibilities including education to deprived ones, MOKA donations and many more is single handily managed as well as executed by her creating an aura of positiveness and calmness.

Under her administration and supervision MOKA is growing to utmost heights.

Sarika Maheshwari Managing Director
Ankesh LohiyaDirector Moka Retail Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Ankesh Lohiya is the Director of Moka Retail - a chain of furniture, storage and mattresses stores across Rajasthan started in 2017. Ankesh is known across the company for his eye for detail, business acumen and sharp management skills.

He has been instrumental in the expansion and growth of Moka Retail, making Moka Retail a popular name across Jaipur and other parts of the state.

With his hands-on leadership style, Ankesh has quickly established himself as a key name in the company and achieved huge milestones for himself as well as for Moka Retail.

Ankesh leads with empathy, passion and a calm attitude and believes in building a strong relationship with customers, clients and employees alike

CA Abhishek Maheshwari CFO Chief Finance officer
Tripti Arora General Manager Pu Industry
Naresh Saini General Manager Monomers & Pharma Industry
Amit Yadav Sales Manager C.A.S.E. & Resin
Rahul Jain Purchase Manager
Babulal sharma Sales Manager Rohit sales & KTC
Nisha Badra HR & Admin
Ritika Vaishnav New Division Business Development